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Molybdenum Lanthanum (MoLa) Alloy Sheets

Short Description:

MoLa alloys have great formability at all grade levels when compared to pure molybdenum in the same condition. Pure molybdenum recrystallizes at approximately 1200 °C and becomes very brittle with less than 1% elongation, which makes it not formable in this condition.

MoLa alloys in plate and sheet forms perform better than pure molybdenum and TZM for high temperature applications. That is above 1100 °C for molybdenum and above 1500 °C for TZM. The maximum advisable temperature for MoLa is 1900 °C, due to the release of lanthana particles from the surface at higher than 1900 °C temperature.

The “best value” MoLa alloy is the one containing 0.6 wt % lanthana. It exhibits the best combination of properties. Low lanthana MoLa alloy is an equivalent substitute for pure Mo in the temperature range of 1100 °C – 1900 °C. The advantages of high lanthana MoLa, like superior creep resistance, are only realized, if the material is recrystallized prior to use at high temperatures.

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0.3 wt. % Lanthana
Considered a substitute for pure molybdenum, but with longer life due to its increased creep resistance
High malleability of thin sheets; the bendability is identical regardless, if bending is done in longitudinal or transverse directions

0.6 wt. % Lanthana
Standard level of doping for the furnace industry, most popular
Combines the widely accepted high temperature strength with creep resistance – considered the “best value” material
High malleability of thin sheets; the bendability is identical regardless, if bending is done in longitudinal or transverse directions

1.1 wt. % Lanthana
Strong warpage-resistance
High strength properties
Exhibits the highest creep resistance of all offered grades
Applications for formed parts require recrystallizing anneal cycle


Molybdenum lanthanum alloy plate is used for producing tungsten and molybdenum electrodes, heating elements, heat shield, sintered boat, folded plate, bottom plate, sputtering target, electronics and crucible for vacuum. La2O3 is contained in MoLa plate to prevent molybdenum grain’s wrong movement and re-crystallization of slow rhythm under high temperature. The usability of molybdenum lanthanum plate and service life has been improved greatly. The surface of MoLa alloy plate we produce is smooth, no level, no lamination, no crack or impurities.

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