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Tungsten Sheet

  • 99.95% Pure Tungsten Sheet Plate

    99.95% Pure Tungsten Sheet Plate

    Tungsten sheet can be applied in X-ray inspection device for medical use as the radiation shielding material and radiation-protective equipment for nuclear facilities. By special hot rolling and cold rolling processing, they can also be used as the materials for producing high quality tungsten electrode, heating element, heat shield, sintering boat, sputtering target, crucible and vacuum applications.
    With high purity above 99.95%, metallic silver luster tungsten sheets are rolled and annealed to provide the optimum condition for the desired end use. We can provide rolled, cleaned, machined or ground finish tungsten sheets upon the customer required thickness.

  • Pure Tungsten Cube 10kg 5kg 3kg 2kg 1kg

    Pure Tungsten Cube 10kg 5kg 3kg 2kg 1kg

    The appearance: Divided forging  bars  and polished rod; the forging bars surface is allowed to have oxidize film and slight forging hammer mark;polished molybdenum bar surface presents metallic luster and has no obvious oxidized phenomenon. The two surfaces have no defects, such as divided layer, crackle, burr and vertical crackle, etc.

    The specification: The diameter and length deviation are consulted by both parties according to GB4188-84 standard or user’s demand.

  • High Purity 99.95% Tungsten Sputtering Target

    High Purity 99.95% Tungsten Sputtering Target

    Sputtering is a new type of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) method. Sputtering is widely used in: flat panel displays, glass industry (include architectural glass, automotive glass, optical film glass), solar cells, surface engineering, recording media, microelectronics, automotive lights and decorative coating, etc.