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Tungsten alloy

  • Tungsten Copper Alloy Rods

    Tungsten Copper Alloy Rods

    Copper tungsten (CuW, WCu) has been recognized as a highly conductive and erasion resistant composite material that is extensively used as copper tungsten electrodes in EDM machining and resistance welding applications, electrical contacts in high voltage applications, and heat sinks and other electronic packaging materials in thermal applications.

  • High Density Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WNIFE) Plate

    High Density Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WNIFE) Plate

    Tungsten heavy alloy is major with Tungsten content 85%-97% and adds with Ni, Fe, Cu, Co, Mo, Cr materials. The density is between 16.8-18.8 g/cm³. Our products are mainly divided into two series: W-Ni-Fe, W-Ni-Co (magnetic), and W-Ni-Cu (non-magnetic). We produces various big-size Tungsten heavy alloy parts by CIP, various small parts by mold pressing, extruding,

  • AgW Silver Tungsten Alloy Plate

    AgW Silver Tungsten Alloy Plate

    Silver tungsten alloy (W-Ag) is also called tungsten silver alloy, is the composite of tungsten and silver. High conductivity, thermal conductivity, and a high melting point of silver on the other hand high hardness, welding resistance, small material transfer, and high burning resistance of tungsten are combined into silver tungsten sintering material. Silver and tungsten are not compatible with each other.

  • High Density Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WNICU) Plate

    High Density Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WNICU) Plate

    Tungsten nickel copper contains 1% to 7% of Ni and 0.5% to 3% of Cu composited at ratios ranging from Ni to Cu 3:2 to 4:1. Nonmagnetic and high conductivity are two outstanding properties of tungsten alloys with nickel copper binders. Tungsten nickel copper alloys are preferable material in applications such as aerospace and electronic devices requiring non-magnetic working conditions and high thermal and electrical conductivities.

  • High Density Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WNIFE) Part

    High Density Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WNIFE) Part

    We are supplier specialized in manufacturing tungsten heavy alloy parts. We use raw material of tungsten heavy alloy with high purity to produce their parts. High temperature re-crystallization is one of the important features for tungsten heavy alloy parts. Moreover, it has high plasticity and excellent abrasive resistance. Its re-crystallization temperature is over 1500℃. The tungsten heavy alloy parts conform to ASTM B777 standard.

  • Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WNIFE) Rod

    Tungsten Heavy Alloy (WNIFE) Rod

    The density of tungsten heavy alloy rod ranges from 16.7g/cm3 to 18.8g/cm3. Its hardness is higher than other rods. Tungsten heavy alloy rods have characteristics of high temperature and corrosion resistance. In addition, tungsten heavy alloy rods have super high shock resistance and mechanical plasticity.

  • Customized Tungsten Molybdenum Alloys Rods

    Customized Tungsten Molybdenum Alloys Rods

    Tungsten molybdenum alloys containing 30% tungsten (by mass) have excellent corrosion resistance to liquid zinc and are used in the manufacture of stirrers, pipe and vessel linings and other components in the zinc refining industry. Tungsten molybdenum alloy can be used as high-temperature components in rockets and missiles

  • Lanthanated tungsten Alloy Rod

    Lanthanated tungsten Alloy Rod

    Lanthanated tungsten is an oxidized lanthanum doped tungsten alloy, categorized as oxidized rare earth tungsten (W-REO). When dispersed lanthanum oxide is added, lanthanated tungsten displays enhanced heat resistance, thermal conductivity, creep resistance, and a high recrystallization temperature