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Tantalum Sheet

  • Tantalum Sputtering Target – Disc

    Tantalum Sputtering Target – Disc

    Tantalum sputtering target is mainly applied in semiconductor industry and optical coating industry. We manufacture various specifications of tantalum sputtering targets upon the request of customers from semiconductor industry and optical industry through vacuum EB furnace smelting method. By wary of unique rolling process, through complicated treatment and accurate annealing temperature and time, we produce different dimensions of the tantalum sputtering targets such as disc targets, rectangular targets and rotary targets. Moreover, we guarantee the tantalum purity is between 99.95% to 99.99% or higher; the grain size is below 100um, flatness is below 0.2mm and the Surface Roughness is below Ra.1.6μm. The size can be tailored by the customers’ requirements. We control our products quality through the raw material source till the whole production line and finally deliver to our customers in order to make sure you purchase our products with stable and same quality each lot.

  • Tantalum Sheet (Ta)99.95%-99.99%

    Tantalum Sheet (Ta)99.95%-99.99%

    Tantalum (Ta) Sheets are made from tantalum ingots.We are a global supplier of Tantalum (Ta) Sheets and we can provide customized tantalum products. Tantalum (Ta) Sheets is manufactured through Cold-Working Process, through forging, rolling, swaging, and drawing to get the desired size.