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Pure Tungsten Tube&Tungsten Pipe

Short Description:

Tungsten pipes are usually formed by machining the forged tungsten bars. Zhaolixin can also manufacture tungsten pipe targets (tungsten rotating targets) forged and reshaped after sintering or subjected to hot isostatic pressing.

We can ensure high-temperature resistance and mechanical strength of materials.Zhaolixin has in-depth understanding on the processing of tungsten-molybdenum materials and is guaranteed by exquisite CNC equipment, so meet the requirements of customers on the tolerance of concentricity and equal size, and tungsten pipes with larger differences of diameter-height ratio can be manufactured.

Product Detail

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Type and Size

Regular Size of Our Regular Tungsten Tube

Material Shape OD inch OD mm ID inch ID mm Length inch Length mm
W tungsten tube 0.28" 7.112 mm 0.16" 4.064 mm 4" 101.6 mm
W tungsten tube 0.35" 8.89 mm 0.2" 5.08 mm 20" 508 mm
W tungsten tube 0.48" 12.192 mm 0.32" 8.128 mm 32" 812.8 mm
W tungsten tube 2" 50.8 mm 1.58" 40.132 mm 32" 812.8 mm
W tungsten tube 5.8" 147.32 mm 4.9" 124.46 mm 40" 1016 mm
We can produce the tungsten tubes according to your requirement.


Chemical Composition of Pure Tungsten Tube

Element % maximum
C 0.01 max
O 0.01 max
N 0.01 max
Fe 0.01 max
Ni 0.01 max
Si 0.01 max



Pure tungsten








Black, ground




Because of tungsten’s high melting point of 3400 ℃, sintered tungsten tube is widely used in industrial furnaces such as sapphire growth furnace, quartz glass furnace and rare earth smelting furnace. Due to its high utilization rate, tungsten tube is more and more widely used in solar energy, photoelectric industry and quartz glass melting field. We can produce sintered tungsten tubes in the diameters not exceeding 500mm and lengths not exceeding 1500mm. We can provide high-precision tungsten tubes with smooth surface, excellent straightness and high temperature creep resistance.

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