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How to Clean the Surface of Molybdenum Plate?

In the process of high-temperature processing of molybdenum plate in tungsten and molybdenum, the oxide layer on the surface of the plate will adhere to the volatile low melting point MoO3 and alumina particles from the furnace tube and other pollutants, and continue to process, so that these polluted impurities will be pressed into the surface layer of the plate, forming defects such as pockmarks and white spots on the surface of molybdenum plate. In addition, in the process of rolling, molybdenum in tungsten and molybdenum will inevitably appear on the surface. Some small microcracks, these need to strengthen the intermediate cleaning process of processing molybdenum plate. For the cleaning of molybdenum plate, caustic melting method is commonly used. The industrial na0h alkali and 3% nitrate are put into the resistance adding tank and heated to 400 ℃ for melting (melting point is about 308 ℃). After a few minutes of processing molybdenum plate, extract it and wash it in cold and hot water tanks until it is white. Pure NaOH only reacts with molybdenum oxide, but it reacts strongly with surface base in the presence of strong oxidant nitrate.

Post time: Jun-19-2023